Pwn Improvement: The Necessities of Competition in Games



By: Darthaggrothe_40_year_old_virgin_2005_playing_video_games

Competition in all aspects whether it be a sport, spelling bee, a race to see who gets home first is healthy for all people including people who play video games. Gamers, back in the day, didn’t have online multiplayer and the closest thing to competition was having your friends over. Fast forward and we’ve got the internet and this allows us gamers to compete with one another in the game we seek to play.

Long ago, when I was still young, I didn’t like the idea of competition with others in video games. I liked being able to just play either by myself or especially Co-op. One good example is when the Nintendo 64 came out I was constantly over my friends house playing Super Mario 64 and it was awesome trying to complete the game together. Then Mario Kart 64 came not long after and immediately did…

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