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WordPress Meet and Greet – All Bloggers Welcome

Always great to meet more people who enjoy doing what I do.

Seven Weeks

Our daughter is seven weeks (and a day) old and it feels like she was just born last week. It amazes me to watch her everyday and although the changes might be tiny, it is awesome to spot them. She smiles every so often and she coos and talks when she’s happy and gets to lie down and kick as she pleases. And she loves her baths.
And snuggling with us in the morning. That is my favorite part of the day. Once we get back home to San Diego, I get a little while before I go back to work so the peanut and I will have Mommy/Daughter time while Momma goes to work. Excited for that- I’m sure we will have lots of misadventures together.

MetroVida’s 12th Edition

MetroVida’s 12th Edition

A little late to post this but the magazine I write for has released a new issue. Yay! My story is on page 10, but it’s about the science of shopping and I will not be offended if you read it for the other articles. So, go check it out and be sure to look out for the next issue in a couple of months!

I Still Need…

A title for my short story. I have no ideas and definitely need to brainstorm ideas. Is it sad that one of the hardest pieces of my writing process is coming up with a title? I know beginnings and ending are hard but titles are just ridiculous. And apparently, they are extremely important- sometimes people will overlook a book because of the title (judging a book by its cover, haha- unintentional joke there). I feel like the inside is what matters but I’m a nobody so I guess I have to play the game and come up with a decent title. I hope it comes to me before I finish with the proofreading. Half-way done, going to do some more work on it today. So, suggestions on how to come up with a title are welcome- thanks.