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Whether you play on Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo or PC, TEAM XBRO is here to welcome you with open arms! If you’re looking to build your gaming social circle or just want to converse with like-minded gamers, head on over to our brand new open Facebook group and join us.

Want to get a group together to play some Titanfall? Maybe trade some pokemon or duel in Pokemon X & Y? How about organize a raid in World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2 or Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn? TEAM XBRO has something for everyone, even if you’re just looking for good conversation!

Come join us! You’ll not only find your friends here at What’s Your Tag?, but fellow gaming bloggers from all over the internet and some of our reader base as well!

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SIGH -.-

I wish the people downstairs would SHUT THE HELL UP and go to bed. Almost midnight and every time they get especially loud, our daughter tosses and turns. It’s the third day we’ve been home and this city life seems like such a nuisance. Put me back out in that quiet Illinois town.
Maybe I should try to pretend I’m still there.
Not so excited about going to work in less than a month. At least I get lots of Mommy/peanut time before then.
Wish I could fall asleep. My wife has knocked out, the baby is sleeping. Maybe I will do some writing.