Pumpkin Pie

I never actually had the to make a pumpkin pie with my father. As a child, I did often watch him perform the process. I know, pumpkin pies are a little out of season but these are not traditional pumpkin pies and I don’t mind them anytime of the year.
Close to the time my father passed, I had asked my mom to find the recipe for these pies my father always made. My mother, who baked everything but that single dessert, was just as oblivious to making them as I was. We did find the recipe among a cookbook with more magazine and assorted clippings inside than pages. The recipe was probably a fee years older than I but the ingredients and directions were still legible.
So, I made one and it turned out okay. Then I made another, and another.
Today, my father’s pumpkin pie is one my wife’s favorite desserts.
I had offered today to make some for a pot luck her work is throwing tomorrow. Standing in the kitchen, mixing all of the ingredients, I feel good- at peace. Almost as if I had stepped back into my childhood and my father was standing beside me as I expertly imitated the pie he enjoyed making. I never had that moment with my father and although some days I worry my memory of him is fading, making pumpkin pie makes me feel close to him again.


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