Another Night

Need to rant.
Haven’t done one like this in a while.
Getting closer to midnight and I’m still completely awake. Listening to the people downstairs thump around and slam doors. Either they get into an argument every night or they are just some rude ass people. Maybe I’m cranky because my stomach has been iffy tonight and I’m switching from being hungry to feeling icky. Or maybe It’s because I have this feeling they’re going to wake up our daughter again and it’s going to be another 2AM.
My mind won’t let me get any sleep either. The battle of voices has begun.
Can’t sleep.
Go to sleep.
Can’t sleep.
Go to sleep.
I want food for comfort. No, not worth it. I’ll drink some more water and hope that helps. Too late to eat and I’d probably just get something from the candy drawer anyway.
Just want to snuggle and sleep but I get too hot and feel smothered. Can’t wait to move away from this place. Can’t wait to move out of this state.
Gotta try to write. Ignore all the noise- push everything out of my mind. Need a break from the downstairs assholes and the blah feeling in my tummy.
Wish me luck.
If all does not go well, you might be hearing from me again tonight.


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