Preparing for Work

Six hours of sleep
Back on tired legs and feet
Need that boost of caffeine to start the day
An unmotivated start to the month of May.
Almost time to clock in
And let the countdown begin.

Exhausted today. Yesterday was a rough day. So much drama but an don’t even care to talk about it. Simply, people pretended to be our friends and lied to us for who knows how long and talked shit behind our backs.
Definitely not our friends anymore.
Being civilized about it and getting and giving back stuff. Just done with the whole situation. Getting too old for this shit. Not saying I’m old but once you have a child, you have to cut that crap out. But not everyone gets that memo.
Oh well, i’ll just rid myself of that negativity.
About to clock in. Dreading the next eight and a half hours but I gotta do what I need to do.
Just need to survive to Monday- the next off day.
Wish me luck.


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