Another Day

“Do you think she acts superior to you?”
Maybe it was the fact she was not even ten feet away in the office nearby and could probably hear us despite the door being closed. Or maybe it just was not worth the drama it would inevitably lead to. The graveyard crew has taken the complete opposite of a liking to the new supervisor. The longer she works on their shift, the longer that fire seems to burn and spread. Being young and an often easy-going boss puts me in that position of the one everyone bitches to. Every other day, one of them asks me when I’ll work with them again.
My job, like high school, is about popularity. And despite me still being a complete nerd and over-achiever, I somehow managed to become a favorite to many of my subordinates. Maybe I’m not the most liked but with the way everyone dumps their opinions of everyone else on me, I would say top three. I try to avoid adding gasoline to the already explosive mixture. I have become a fan of the answer “I’m just here to do my job. I don’t need that drama”.
It is true.
It is also true that some of the other supervisors try to tell me what to do because they’ve been around longer or they’re older than me. It is also true that some refuse to work half the time or follow certain rules, even when given a friendly warning.
But that’s life.
I’m sure every job everywhere has at least a little bit of this nonsense going on. Doesn’t help that I work in retail- the career most people don’t want and often use as a stepping stone to other opportunities or for some “easy” money.
I promise it is not all bad- it’s just been a rough week.


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