She wakes up a little before two when I come into the bedroom to go to sleep. It starts as her stirring to her making little sounds then her fake cried mixed with a few more convincing ones.
Four ounces of formula and almost two hours later, she still fights going back to sleep. When I first brought her into the living room after her awakening, she was completely awake and smiling at me and the lights on her swing.
Now, she’s moving every so often and hopefully falling back to sleep until 7 (or 8 would be better). But I forget about being tired when I look at her. Seeing her smile fills me with so much joy. Watching her sleep calms my mind temporarily.
She is amazing. Someone so small- someone who has yet to learn how to walk or crawl or talk has had such a huge impact on me. She makes me want to be better, stronger, kinder.
I love my daughter.


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