I am thankful for the wife I can proudly call mine. She is a great mother and I see that fact more and more every day. She sings our daughter songs and they have bathtime together. They take naps together during the day and send me pictures when I’m stuck at work. She does some of the sweetest things for me- especially on special days. She does everything she can to keep us safe and happy.
She’s amazing.
She made breakfast this morning and chocolate-covered strawberries (although it was supposed to be me making them). She and our daughter made me a cute work of art.
I wrote her a poem and am in the or process of making her physical gift still (we had agreed to really celebrate Mother’s Day on next Wednesday) but I could have done more to make today special.
Now that I’m at work and waiting to clock in for the night, I hope she’ll go to sleep remembering her first Mother’s Day as a great one.


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