Sara Ryan – Author

In honor of Pride Month, I decided to write a little something everyday of the inspiration people in the LGBT community, powerful allies, and a few others somewhere between those categories. These are people who have made me feel less unwanted in the world and gave me someone to relate to. These are people who have made a mark in history fighting for tolerance and equality of gays and lesbians.
The first is the author of a book I read in high school. Empress of the World told the stories of two girls becoming friends then becoming more. The main character was pretty socially awkward, which I could relate to. And her crush/best friend was a beautiful girl that seemed 100 percent unattainable- like all of my female crushes in high school.
Sara Ryan, the author, not only penned this book but a sequel as well and it is just as worth the read. I won’t spoil anything but Empress of the World and it’s sequel The Rules for Hearts are pretty quick reads. I suggest you check them out. Sara Ryan has also done some work on comics and she’s a librarian so she can probably hook you up with plethora of more great LGBT reading.

Sara Ryan’s site

Empress of the World