Love is an interesting and amazing thing. Although love is always there, sometimes it catches you off-guard more or manages to take your breath away for a few seconds longer. Spending time with my daughter today, love blindsided me for a moment. She smiles every day now and very often. She even giggles sometimes, too. She loves when we act silly- it always brings out the biggest of her smiles.
Seeing her smiling and happy today, it just hit me. I fell a little bit more in love with this little girl and I couldn’t understand why anyone would not love and treasure a child. There is no way to describe being able to watch them grow and develop features and mannerisms. I love our tiny human more than life itself. And loving her makes me love my wife even more.
I never wanted children- I didn’t even want to get married. And yet, here I am, one year married and with an adorable four month old who loves me regardless of whether my blood and DNA are inside her. She already takes after me with the way she sleeps and that alone means the world to me, as odd as it sounds.
When I see her, it doesn’t matter if work was stupid or any other petty problem that might bother me. She reminds me of an optimism that I have been lacking in the past year or so- a piece of me that’s hidden away or missing.
Some days I think I need her more than she needs me. She shows me a happier side of life and proves that things might be tough but not impossible to overcome.
I love my daughter and I love my wife and I want to better myself for the both of them. And, as long as I have their love, I know I can do it and that everything will be alright.


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