Father’s Day

The day has come and gone but my mind is still at war with itself over whether or not these words need to be brought to the surface. I have little doubt that Father’s Day will ever be easy to get through but this year, it really got to me. I could not go onto Facebook for more than three minutes without bursting into tears. I almost starting crying in the office at my work. I was mess.
But it wasn’t over the simple fact of not being able to get my dad a card, a random gift, and a phone call telling him I loved him. It was more about the fact I could not send him a little picture frame or silly gift made by the peanut for her grandfather. It was about not being able to see him get his gift and get that small smile he does.
But I don’t want to end this post on a sad note.
My father was loving.
He raised one of my sisters as his own even though she was not his daughter.
My father was strong.
He battled cancer for four long years.
My father is my role model.
He worked hard to take care of his family. He pushed us to get a good education, he showed us right from wrong, he kept us clothed, fed, sheltered, and he loved us unconditionally through the good times and the rough ones.
I am strong, I am smart, I am caring, and I am loving- and I have him to thank for the person I am today.


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