Apparently Crawling is Overrated

We have a blanket laid out in the living room for our daughter’s tummy time. What never ceases to amaze me is how we can set her down on one end of the blanket and she manages to randomly end up on the other side when we look away for a few minutes. For a baby that doesn’t crawl, she gets around the room pretty well. I can’t believe two months ago, she was only rolling from her tummy onto her back. Now, she wiggles her way around the room and tries to snatch up her Momma’s coupons that get left on the floor. I never knew a baby could be so mobile without knowing how to crawl.

She is getting the hang of it though.

We started her on baby food and she loves it. She screams at us if we don’t feed her fast enough and it’s super cute.

She also still loves her snuggles. When it’s naptime during the morning, she’ll watch me if I’m not lying next to her. It’s just one of those little things that makes me happy to be a mom. Like the way she smiles at me after she wakes up in the morning (unless she’s cranky because she’s hungry), and how she fusses for my attention. I love my little girl and I know she loves me, too. 


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