Saturday morning I got out of bed to get my daughter out of her crib. Bending over the side, which is a difficult enough task being I am short, did not greet me well this particular morning. A sharp pain stung my back and I had to clumsily pull my baby up and out of the crib. The rest of the morning was no better, typically easy motions like reaching over to grab something or sitting down on the couch were agonizing.
But I went to work anyway.
Tried to climb up and down a ladder to organize boxes. Bent down to stock shelves. Basically did everything to make my back hate me even more.
Why do I do it to myself?
Why does anyone in retail come to work sick or injured just to make matters worse?
When I worked at Walmart, it was about not getting enough sick time. I remember three days were all I could afford to not come in, for any reason. How many people get seriously sick or injured for only three days?
Here, at a slightly better company, I have a few days of sick and annual leave on the books. Yet, if I take too many days, they are quick to label me as a liar or just wanting to not work.
I don’t go to the doctor anytime there is something legitimately wrong with me, like a super bad cold or stomach sickness.
Anyone who goes to the doctor for every little thing- not sure if that’s a thing. Seems like a waste of time and money to me.
I spend half of my days that I don’t feel 100% wondering how I can explain my problem in a way that will make it “believable”. All because a few people overuse the “sick” excuse.
Thanks for screwing over the rest of us.
So, tomorrow I will go to the doctor and spend my off day making sure my hard working is not causing any real damage to my body or if I simply just needed a break. And if they try to make me sign a piece of paper saying I’m a liar, I will say okay and feel relieved knowing I no longer have to come into work and go above and beyond. Because why put all the effort into it when you get treated like all the people giving half or less.
Sounds reasonable, right?