Life’s not fair… and sometimes people are just bitches.

I offered to go overnight at my job to help with the discipline issue that has grown over the past year or so. And to give them another body to do work. Then I was told I would never have the weekend off for the next six or seven months because the other person could coincidentally not work those days anymore.
Because that was not mentioned from the get go.
Life is unfair but it does not always have to be. I honestly think there may be a little discrimination going on because had I requested the weekend off indefinitely, I would have been told no.
Maybe one day everyone will be treated equal at work.
Or maybe not.
But I’m nobody’s bitch, especially at work.
So maybe I won’t go overnight.
Or maybe I’ll get a job somewhere else.
We’ll see.


Diets are Rough…

Finally got into my diet officially this week. Day Four- still wanting food like crazy. Doesn’t help where I work sells mostly snack foods and candy. I really want a Coke but it’s super bad for me. And some chocolate. Oh well, I’m just going to sit here and drink my bottle of water until I can click in.
Think skinny, but not too skinny.

Oh, Ferguson Missouri. Not You Too.

Agent Andersen: Log 05

Another clue. Another lead.
Another chapter to our witch hunt.
“I have a bad feeling.”
Lauren puts the car in drive and we move away from the curb. “About what?”
The paper crumples between my fingers. “This scavenger hunt.”

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The SRT Archives

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Day One- Wish Me Luck

And the diet begins. Well, healthier living I should say. Anyway, about to go exercise- wish me luck!

Train, Eat, Rest, & Repeat – Ways to Lose Weight Without Counting Calories

Good to know.

You know it isn’t a busy day when…

You wipe down shelves and make your workers do small, trivial tasks to help pass the time. Not sure if my sanity will survive the next six hours. Maybe I’ll organize the merchandise in the warehouse, too.
I just want to go home and write. x.x


Why are airports always so cold? Well, guess I can’t complain. The one in Guam never had air condition because of maintenance problems.
Less than ten minutes until arrival.
Probably another 10 until they reach the baggage claim. A week without my loves was rough. Although I had a lot of Mommy most of it was spent working and sleeping. Did not get as much writing done as I wanted. Need to reapply myself.
But I’ll worry about that later.
Less than five minutes until arrival.
Not too many people here now. They all cleared out when I walked in. Keeping my eye on the second floor. Any minute now they’ll be coming from that way.

This Morning


Getting ready for he busy day ahead of me.

The Library; It Was Just a Dream

I have many fond memories of visiting Borders. I have never been a super avid reader but going to bookstores always brought this unexpected mixture of comfort and amazement. This is a story of a memory not so long gone and a look into the inevitable future. I dread the day when public libraries share the same fate as Borders. Hopefully that day will never come in this lifetime or ever.