I have been writing for about 13 or so years. I have penned ideas on receipt tape, in journals, on post-it’s, and on other random things. The photo above is a journal I was given in the summer of 2008 right after I graduated high school. I was given this particular gift as a going away present from someone who was not a close friend but knew me well enough to know I would treasure this gift for possibly years after I received it.
I treasure this particular journal for a few reasons. This is the first journal I can remember that has survived long enough to have all of its pages filled. I used it during a crucial time of my life- when I was beginning to come to terms with my sexuality and myself. And this was the journal I wrote in the time I had met my wife.
There are many memories from this single item, and that does not even include all the notes and reflections written inside of it.
So, to the person who gave me this amazing gift- to this day I still treasure it and I appreciate you for that small act of kindness.


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