An End and a Beginning


I started my fiction-based blog, the SRT Archives almost seven months ago. It started off as an idea to showcase a short story of mine that is a prequel to a novel I’m still in the planning (somewhat writing) stage of. Since the start, it’s turned into something bigger than I had planned it to me and what was supposed to “end” after the post I published today on the blog is actually only the start of what I now have planned for my blog.

The next section of the story, or the next series as I have begun to call it in my head, is in the planning stage. Although I have been using school, work, and life as an excuse to not give enough attention to my creative work, I do plan on getting a schedule of posting started on that blog of at least a post a week.

I know a lot of my followers on my personal blog here has not had a chance to read the story so, before the release of the next series, I plan to have a marathon of sorts through this blog of the the first series. Think of like how they have marathons of seasons of TV shows before the next one premieres, except you have to read and it might not be on same level with Marvel: Agents of Shield or any of those awesome shows you may watch. But anyway, more details will come in the distant future. If you’re super interested already, you can check out the story at


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