Dear Walmart

Went to Walmart to buy some stuff with coupons. The person shopping with me was told she could only use three of the same by a cashier then four by a CSM (Customer Service Manager). About five minutes later, I tried to use the same coupons and I was told by a different CSM I could not use those same coupons because they could not handkey them- even after the first CSM just did it. The second CSM went on to have a conversation with the previous customer about why they did not honor the coupons when it was my purchase. Called corporate about the policy on handkeying coupons since I know it is not in the policy anywhere, the first person on the phone said she did not know and the second person said it was left up to the store manager. So, we have miscommunication on all levels, Wally World? You should probably update that coupon policy so the stores’ upper and mid-management don’t have a say on whether they’ll honor coupons based on if they like someone or not because I was only told no because the person I came shopping with had been there before and had problems with that second, extremely rude CSM.


An irritated customer


2 thoughts on “Dear Walmart

    1. True. The company I work for now has those kinds of problems, not as often but they still exist. I wouldn’t have cared about using the coupons, it was more in the way everyone involved had handled it. I probably could have caused a huge scene and been able to use the coupons (haha) but I wouldn’t because those are the kinds of customers I don’t like dealing with either.

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