The SRT Archives: Target Alpha series chapters 1-5

The time has come. I have a handful of chapters to type and about two more to create for the next series to be complete. Until I have all of those ready to go, I am posting the first series of chapters to refresh or introduce readers to the story and characters. Below are links and short summaries to the first five chapters. The next batch will show up later in the afternoon or tonight.


The beginning chapter to  the series. Rebecca awakens in the middle of the night to a mysterious visitor.

Target Alpha

Rebecca is interrogated on the whereabouts of her late-night visitor. The search for Target Alpha starts.

Andersen Log 01 – Motivation

Rebecca arrives home and finds the inspiration to tackle her new job.

Andersen Log 02 – Partnership

Rebecca meets her partner in the search for Target Alpha.

Mason Recording 01 – Rebecca Andersen

Lauren Mason introduces her mission and her questionable partnership with Rebecca Andersen.


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