The SRT Archives: Target Alpha series chapters 16-20

This post is coming a little late today since I have the night owl schedule. This post marks our half-way point. Later on tonight, I will try to post another set and tomorrow should be the final eight chapters of this series. Enjoy!


Agent Andersen: Log 07 – Intermission


Rebecca, still unconscious, listens in on Lauren and Alex’s conversation.



Agent Andersen: Log 08 – Birthday


Rebecca relives memories of past birthdays before awakening to an unexpected surprise.



Agent Andersen: Log 09 – Decoy


Rebecca is tortured and questioned about Target Alpha. She questions Lauren’s plan to draw Alpha out.



C.E.Andersen: Blog 04 – Panic


Chelsea watches a news report about Rebecca and searches for a way to get in contact with her mother.



Agent Mason: Recording 05 – Plan


Lauren discusses her plan and once again questions Rebecca’s loyalty to stopping Target Alpha.


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