Agent Andersen: Log 01 – The SRT

The second series has begun. Rebecca and Alex are given a tour of their base of operations.

The SRT Archives

“This is where we will set up your base of operations. Headquarters will be established in another location. Need-to-know only, sorry.” A man in a suit leads us around an empty office building. “The primary access is from the parking garage above but there are two more entry points. You’ll see those after we walk this floor.”

Since meeting with the man in the suit, I found having questions to be pointless. He seemed more interested in Alex, answering his inquires and barely making eye contact with me.

“You will be assigned a team of field and support agents. They are a collection of prior military who have volunteered to take part in this special assignment.  Now…” He glances from me to Alex. “As for designating a director over this division…”

Alex quickly responds. “Rebecca and I are partners-“

The man counters. “It’s not necessary for-“

“We do this together…

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