Pandora: Chronicle 01 – Ally

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It begins at my fingertips and slowly ascends to my fist then arm. The warmth transforms to light on the opposite sides of my eyelids. When I will my eyes open, sunlight explodes around me. Blinded, I lift my hand to shield my eyes from the intrusion. My eyes adjust and the room around me develops out of a bright blur.

“You’re awake.”

A man sits in a chair beside the bed. He smiles at me. “How are you feeling?”

I attempt to recall the events leading up to this moment. I remember entering an alleyway and encountering three men intent on gaining my attention. When I ignored their advances, they surrounded me. I remember fighting back when the first of three took my wrist in his hand and pulled me to him.

Then darkness.

“What happened?”

“You were attacked.” He reaches for me.

I shift to avoid contact…

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