Agent Andersen: Log 02 – Team Alpha

Next chapter up- a short one. Since I have been sick this week, I’ll try to get another one up by tomorrow night.

The SRT Archives

“This can’t be serious, right?” A voice carries across the room as I enter.

“It’s gotta be. This seems too elaborate to be a joke.”

“‘Thank you for your participation?’ Who wrote this campy shit?”

“Your boss.” I answer, stepping into a cubicle where two women and a man occupy.

The girl with the smart-ass remarks responds. “If you have a problem, you should butt out of the conversation.” She glares at me from her seat on top of the desk.

“Or you can keep your comments to yourself, get your ass off that desk, and pretend to have some manners.”

She gets to her feet. “Look, lady- I don’t know-“

“That’s right, you don’t know.” I pull the lanyard out of my back pocket and toss it at her.

She catches it and reads the name on the ID inside. She says nothing else.

I step forward and snatch…

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