A Thing

I posted this on Facebook and I thought I would post it here as well.


The day my relationship began with my wife, she had tried to come surprise me at college and ended up getting lost along the way. I remember meeting up with her in the parking lot and then ditching classes for the rest of the day to spend time with her. At the time, Glee was my show and I had to watch it every week as if I might explode if I didn’t. So, that night, we sat on the couch in my living room and watched the show she thought was silly.

For about another year, she continued to watch the show with me despite not being that impressed with it. Then she started to like it. Then it was the ultimate betrayal for me to watch it without her. And for years, it was our thing, our show.

Today, we watched our last episode of Glee together and although there will be other shows and other things for us to share, Glee will always be special. It is sad to see it end but I have enjoyed it from the first time I watched the original six sing “Don’t Stop Believing” to the final song that ended an amazing journey.


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