Pandora: Chronicle 03 – Human



Tonight is not going well. I think my daughter got me sick and I’m just not feeling work. X.X 5:30AM cannot come soon enough.

Woes of Retail #3

When you put six signs out saying not to stock a pallet and a dumbass still orders merchandise to put on it.

Agent Andersen: Log 04 – Partners

Rebecca is officially introduced to her team.

Pandora: Chronicle 02 – Alias

Pandora’s ally helps her establish a new identity.

I apologize…

To those who follow me on other social media platforms. I have spammed you with double the posts today but I hope you’ll find it in your heart to forgive me. K, thanks.

J. Smith: Chat 01

Chatroom interaction between agents J. And K. Smith.

Agent Andersen: Log 03 – Roster

Rebecca picks her team of agents and gives Section One a warning about their enemy.

C.E. Andersen: Blog 01 – Missing

Today’s posts- one of three.

The (Wish List) Cast

Creating a wish list cast for my story. Only two characters up so far but more will appear as newer characters are introduced.