Pandora: Chronicle 03 – Human

The SRT Archives

“Why Batman? Superman has powers!”

“True, but it’s overrated.”

“What? Being Superman?”

“Having powers.”

Link sits on the opposite side of the couch, arm thrown over the back. His eyes watch me. I exchange stares with him for a moment then revert my attention back to the television. The characters on the film continue, unaware of our momentary intermission from their tale.

“It must be convenient though, being able to heal whenever you get hurt.”

“Sometimes.” I whisper. “But it tricks the mind into not sensing pain. No pain, no emotion.”

Since taking me under his roof, Link had not made any mention of my abilities until today. He allowed me to absorb my surroundings and continue exploring the outside world and its people. What I found repeatedly confused my mind and diminished the lessons of the elders and my people. The people here harbor no malice towards my own…

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