J. Smith Minutes 02 – Dante

While trying to report her suspicion of Samantha Greyson, Josey is visited by Karen and Dante.


K. Smith Chat 01

Karen checks in for an update on Target Beta but Lexi’s focus is elsewhere.

Pandora Chronicle 01 – Suspicions

While out with Link, Pandora runs into one of the hunters.

Agent J. Smith Minutes 01 – Woman

Josey and Adam try to catch Target Beta yet again. Chasing after the target, Josey runs into a woman who Josey is sure knows something about their targets.

The SRT Archives: Series 03 – Alpha Zero

It has begun. This is the first chapter to the new series. Look for the next by the end of the day.


Three months after the establishment of the SRT, Rebecca and her team try to track a woman known as Target Beta.

Alpha Zero: Agent Andersen Log 01 – Target Beta

Trusting Someone Enough To Fall Asleep In Their Presence Is Not Consent

This is important, not something to be taken lightly. This could happen to anyone’s daughter or son and it could be far worse.

Writerish Ramblings

Warning: This is a rant and is sure to contain foul language and strong opinions. Also, I changed the names to protect some young people’s privacy.

My fourteen year old daughter, who is an eighth grader got in the car today after school and immediate informed me “There is major drama going on in the school today.”

Assuming she meant typical teenager stuff I got ready to half listen. No offense to her but sometimes hearing about who is dating who, which friends got in a fight, and who she’s mad at aren’t really the funnest things to talk about. I do however like that she Does talk to me so I got prepared.

“There’s a girl names Kate who…”

As her story unfolded I went through many emotions and I want to apologize now for anything offensive or irrational that I say from this point on. She explained that…

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Woes of Retail #5

When a co-worker asks you if something is right and you say you don’t know but the next week your supervisor tells you that apparently you told that same co-worker it was right when it was wrong.

Coming Soon..


(Tentative) timeline for the next series. Writing an outline and summaries for each chapter- already over 20 and still have more to go!

Happy Mother’s Day

Hope all the moms out there are having a good one. This year brought me the wonderful gift of people not wanting to come to work, cramps from Hell,
finger boo-boo, and a terrible touch of nausea that is making it hard to function. X.X But all is well, especially if my two favorite people come to visit me. (Just 6 and half hours left – wish me luck!)

Agent Andersen: Log 07 – Mystery

Series finale. Already working on the next one, so keep a look out for details and updates.