Team Alpha: Audio File 01 – First Mission

The SRT Archives

[Start Recording]

Agent Joslyn Smith: So, what am I doing?

Agent Rebecca Andersen: Introduce yourself and your mission. Do we need to go over thus again, Josey?

J. Smith: Joslyn.

Andersen: Anyway-

J. Smith: Whatever. (Pauses.) This is Special Agent Joslyn Smith. The support agents have discovered our first target. Her name is Selina Jacobs. She has been passing off as a barista at a coffee shop in the city. Special Agent- (sighs) do I really have to say all of this?

Andersen: Yes, continue.

J. Smith: Agent Evans and I will make contact with the target.

Andersen: Was that so hard?

J. Smith: Painfully so.

Andersen: Get used to it.

J. Smith: Is this why you picked me for your team? To make my life hell?

Andersen: If I wanted to torture you, I could come up with more creative and actually painful ways.

J. Smith: Can I…

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