Team Alpha: Audio File 02 – Karen

The SRT Archives

[Recording Start]

Agent Evans: This is Special Agent Adam Evans. Agent Smith and I are on route to the location of the target.

Agent Joslyn Smith: There’s a car following us.

Evans: That’s Director Andersen. She’s coming with us to help out.

J. Smith: (groans) Does she have to come?

Evans: What’s up with you two?

J. Smith: She’s still pissy about my comments the other day. Or she seriously needs to get laid.

Evans: Whoa, we’re recording!

J. Smith: Whatever. It’s not like anyone is going to listen to this. They’ll probably shut this operation down soon anyway when they realize this is all a load of bullshit-

(A car horn blares. Tires squeal.)

J. Smith: Is that?

Evans: A giant wall of ice? Yes. Now, you were saying?

J. Smith: Shut up, asshole.

(A door opens.)

Evans: Hold on.

J. Smith: What?

Evans: Is your sister seeing anyone?

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