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Agent Andersen: Log 06 – Frozen

Well, that was awkward…

I am the type of blogger that follows back bloggers who follow me. I usually glance at a person’s page before I click the follow button just in case said blogger turns out to be a spammer or something. Well, I’ve been following someone for about a year unaware of the horrible opinions this person posts about gays and gay marriage.

Yeah, what was I thinking, right?

The post I caught today was one that had some of these stong opinions, so I went through some more posts and noticed a trend on that blog. You are entitled to your opinion but I won’t follow you if you somehow make 90% of your posts a partial rant on how people choose to be gay and how transgendered people are just wrong.

I’m sorry your religion does not accept who I am. Actually, nope- not sorry.

I love who I love. It’s not about anatomy or sex, it’s about feeling complete next to someone. It’s about feeling at home in your life and in your body. I don’t think anyone is created perfect because if we were, why live, why change, why experience anything?

Woes of Retail #4

When your boss asks for your opinion on something and then tells you your opinion is wrong.