Agent Andersen: Log 06 – Frozen

The SRT Archives

“It’s ice.” She cocks her head to the side as she looks up at the iceberg blocking our path.

“You’re very perceptive.” I scan the surroundings for other traces of ice or our target. “Roads are blocked?”

Evans approaches. “We have a three-block radius set up and the Riverwalk is off-limits.”

“Good. Smith, get a hold of Remy and find an exact location of our target.”

She produces her phone and walks off.

Evans stares at the giant ice block. “Do you think they can see this on Google Earth?”

Smith returns. “She’s close by, we need to get below the street.”

Evans points out a nearby staircase. We follow his lead until he freezes at the bottom step.

I trail his stare. “What is it?”

“I think that’s her.” He nods in the direction of his discovery.

I notice the body lying on the concrete. Although her face rests…

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