Pandora: Chronicle 04 – Hunters

The SRT Archives

Link occupies a plastic chair on the porch. He peers through the darkness of the night sky as I walk towards the house. The cellular phone he purchased for me remained on the nightstand in my bedroom.

“Where were you?” He questions once I enter the spotlight produced by the porch light.

“I went into the city.”

“Oh.” Link frowns. “I- worried.”

He clears his throat.

“I know it’s strange to you, carrying a phone around. But it would put my mind at ease.”

I nod. “I apologize. I will give more attention to my belongings before I leave next time.”

He smiles. “So, anything interesting downtown?”

A woman had been terrorizing pedestrians on the street. She had control over frozen water and attempted to crush me with an enormous boulder when I sought to pacify her. Then they arrived.

“I discovered another like myself. She attacked your kind.”


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