Well, that was awkward…

I am the type of blogger that follows back bloggers who follow me. I usually glance at a person’s page before I click the follow button just in case said blogger turns out to be a spammer or something. Well, I’ve been following someone for about a year unaware of the horrible opinions this person posts about gays and gay marriage.

Yeah, what was I thinking, right?

The post I caught today was one that had some of these stong opinions, so I went through some more posts and noticed a trend on that blog. You are entitled to your opinion but I won’t follow you if you somehow make 90% of your posts a partial rant on how people choose to be gay and how transgendered people are just wrong.

I’m sorry your religion does not accept who I am. Actually, nope- not sorry.

I love who I love. It’s not about anatomy or sex, it’s about feeling complete next to someone. It’s about feeling at home in your life and in your body. I don’t think anyone is created perfect because if we were, why live, why change, why experience anything?


6 thoughts on “Well, that was awkward…

  1. I don’t follow back. A follow need not mean any level of engagement at all. I have just been followed by a homophobe who seems to blog most of the time on Gay= Sin. Meanwhile, just six days ago I had a profound heart-felt experience of being suffused with love, an intense sense of rightness and beauty of who I am. A straight woman said, wonderingly, “You’ve never felt that before?”

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    1. That’s very true. I have learned over the last year that it often takes more than just following someone. People are entitled to their opinion but that doesn’t mean we have to be an audience for it.


  2. I think following a homophobe’s blog might be useful, just to see how they think in case you’d find yourself in a debate with one of them one day… but it would also be equally disturbing I guess 🙂

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