Agent Andersen: Log 07 – Mystery

Series finale. Already working on the next one, so keep a look out for details and updates.

The SRT Archives

No trace.

The target had been left for us, unconscious and no longer a threat to anyone in the area. After calling in another team to pick her up, I joined Smith and Evans in a pointless search for a possible ally. Whoever was responsible for stopping the woman was long gone. No clues remained, nor witnesses. Was our organization hiring extra help behind our backs?

“What happened out there, Rebecca?” Alex enters the library.

I rest my back against a set of empty shelves. “I wish I could tell you.” The image of the target lying on the ground flashes in my mind. “Someone else was there.”

“An ally?”

“I hope so.”

It struck me as odd, the whole situation. I remember checking my rear-view mirror every few minutes. Maybe the attack was a trick to throw us off-guard. Maybe someone was going to follow us back to base…

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