Agent J. Smith Minutes 01 – Woman

Josey and Adam try to catch Target Beta yet again. Chasing after the target, Josey runs into a woman who Josey is sure knows something about their targets.

The SRT Archives

[Recording Start]

Agent Joslyn Smith: This is Special Agent Joslyn Smith. Agent Evans and I are currently in pursuit of a target we only know as Beta. Our intel on Beta is that she is a woman who is aware of our search for her. Each time we find a lead to her whereabouts, it turns out to be a dead end.

Agent Adam Evans: Fingers crossed this time.

J. Smith: We are outside a souvenir shop downtown. Our support team, after a lot of trial and error and sending us to a handful of places that turned out to be a complete waste of time-

(A tapping sound.)

Evans: Does this rant end?

J. Smith: Quiet. As I was saying- they finally caught her on a security camera feed and got a name to match the face. Kasey Gilpatrick.

Evans: Alright. Ready when you are.

J. Smith: Alright, let’s…

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