Pandora Chronicle 01 – Suspicions

While out with Link, Pandora runs into one of the hunters.

The SRT Archives

“What do you want to eat for lunch?”

Link leads me through downtown. He tosses some change into a can next to a man in tattered clothing and greasy hair. The frail man smiles at us and nods as if to thank us without words. Link continues on, looking to each building we pass.

He halts at the entrance of the fifth souvenir shop we pass. “Wait here.” He commands.


He grins. “I’ll just be a minute.”

In his absence, I move to the edge of the sidewalk, watching a group of tourists try to decipher a map. My focus falters after a moment when the feeling overcomes me.

One of my own is nearby.

The power emits an aura that seeks me out and lures me to the origin. I walk from the entrance of the souvenir shop and follow the invisible trail. Rounding a corner, I collide…

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