K. Smith Chat 01

Karen checks in for an update on Target Beta but Lexi’s focus is elsewhere.

The SRT Archives

[kar_smith enters chat]
[ale_marte enters chat]

kar_smith:Did they catch her?

ale_marte: No. : (  She got away again.

kar_smith:  >.< Great.

ale_marte: Try explaining to the boss why our intel is shitty.

kar_smith: She’s pissed?

ale_marte: No, not yet.

ale_marte: I’ve been looking for new leads but I can’t focus.

ale_marte: I keep thinking about boobs.

kar_smith: ?

kar_smith:  What

ale_marte: Boobs. Like our boss’. Have you noticed them? They’re pretty amazing, I wish mine looked like hers. Couldn’t see them in entirety or anything but I can imagine the big picture is glorious.

kar_smith: Should we be talking about this?

ale_marte: I mean, I’m not gay or anything but damn.

kar_smith: Lexi!


kar_smith: ….

ale_marte: Alright, no more boob talk. Don’t tell the boss, okay?

kar_smith: O.O Do I want to die of embarrassment?

ale_marte:Good point. Remy’s back- later!

[ale_marte exits chat]
[kar_smith exits…

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