J. Smith Minutes 02 – Dante

While trying to report her suspicion of Samantha Greyson, Josey is visited by Karen and Dante.

The SRT Archives

[Recording Start]

Agent Joslyn Smith: Samantha Greyson. Remy agreed to research her. I know I seem crazy but there is something about that woman. She’s not normal, she might not even be human.

(A knock interrupts.)

J. Smith: Come in!

(A door opens.)

Agent Katherine Smith: Hey, just wanted to come by before patrol.

J. Smith: She’s still out there, be careful.

Karen Smith: I will.

J. Smith: How’s your partner?

Karen Smith: A complete asshole. At least Lexi is normal… ish.

J. Smith: She seems odd.

Karen Smith: Well, she’s definitely discovering her sexuality…

J. Smith: Karen!

Karen Smith: (laughs)

J. Smith: I don’t want to know. (pauses) You aren’t experimenting with her, are you?

Karen Smith: No- she confided in me, I guess.

J. Smith: Well, tell her to keep her hands to herself.

Agent Dante Solnce: Hey, I’ve been looking for you.

Karen Smith: You found me.

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