Agent Andersen Log 02: Apprentice

Rebecca and Josey find a common bond.

The SRT Archives

“What the hell were you thinking?”

Joslyn sits with arms folded and a scowl on her lips. “Why isn’t he in here getting bitched at, too?”

Mine and Alex’s teams were searching for Target Beta around the clock and two of my agents decided it was a great idea to fight each other over whatever the hell they disagreed on. The story had yet to come from Joslyn, still heated about the confontation.

“He is on patrol and I will deal with him at my convenience. But that doesn’t explain why you felt you had to fight your teammate.”

“He insulted my sister.”

“I don’t think she would want you fighting, even if you were defending her.”

Joslyn nearly jumps from the chair. “You don’t know anything about her or me.” She turns and stomps towards the exit.

“Joslyn-” I call after her.

“Forget it.” She sneers. “I quit.”


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