Someday I will learn….

To stay off of social media when I do not feel well. People of the Internet have pissed me off and I now I feel like being a complete asshole and blow up my friends’ Facebook accounts with all of my ideas and beliefs and thoughts and see how they feel about me sharing opinions they don’t care to hear about. People can be so ignorant. People are so quick to take a stand on something they don’t understand and make other people feel like they don’t matter because they aren’t doing a certain job or don’t have a certain title. This didn’t help me feel any less pissed off so I’m going to go do homework now.

By the way, does anyone know what’s going on over at Harsh Reality? It’s set to private again and last time that happened, it wasn’t good. I haven’t been too active on WordPress besides throwing random posts up when I get a moment of free time so I feel so lost.