Agent Andersen: Log 03 – Chelsea

Rebecca attempts to rebuild her relationship with her daughter.

The SRT Archives

After my conversation with Joslyn, I could not shake the guilt of my realization. I was being as much of a no-show parent to my daughter as my parents were to me. It had started when I made detective and the pattern was repeating with my current job. Tonight I hope to break that rhythm and reclaim what closeness I can to my daughter before she begins to caremore about boys and dating.

“Hey Mom.” She sits at the dining room table finishing a plate of what looks like chicken nuggets and french fries. She swallows her previous bite of food. “Sorry, I would have made more if I knew you were coming home early.”

“It’s okay, honey.” I sit in the chair closest to hers. “I wanted to make it home in time to see you and to apologize.”

Chelsea makes a face. “Apologize for what?”

“Not being here…

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