Pandora: Chronicle 02 – Lesson

Pandora discovers the final lesson she has to learn about being human.

The SRT Archives

With Link, every daily occurrence became a familiar routine. In the mornings, we would meet in the dining room for breakfast. He appeared more energetic on the days he would arrive in the kitchen first. He seemed to pride himself on making us a delicious meal everyday. Noticing the correlation between his energy and my tardiness, I soon found myself lying in bed until I would smell bacon in the air or hear the clutter of pans muffled through the bedroom door.

Every evening, we would reunite in the dining room for dinner. Following our meal, watching a movie or television show together concludes the evening. The idea of a routine seemed dull but I came to see this is how most humans lived their lives.

Tonight had passed according to plan and we found ourselves watching another superhero film before bed time. Link, although normally engulfed by the story…

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