Last Week of Classes

Well, before my short break from having to use my intellect for more than proving the ideas and arguments of idiots wrong. It has been a stressful and amazing handful of days. #LoveWon in the Supreme Court and rainbows were everywhere and it was magical and lovely. There are still many battles the LGBTQ community has to face but every victory in the struggle for equality is one to celebrate.

I noticed that Harsh Reality is blowing up my WP Reader feed again and it is lovely. I have missed the great OM and it is comforting to see he has returned to doing something I know he enjoys and his return seems to have been received well from the looks of it. Welcome back, OM, don’t ever leave us again! : )

Well, off to work on some homework- the sooner I get it done, the sooner I can do whatever the hell I want without the lingering guilt of not prioritizing my time well.


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