Oh, hey.

On break from school and finally recovered from Comic-Con weekend. Starting to work on the writing again. Trying to get as much in before the end of September when the next batch of classes start. Look for the post to start up again at the other blog next week.
Things at work are…well, work. One of my managers is temporarily at another location and that may or may not have to do with me calling her out for being super unfair and seeming as if she has favorites.
Oops… Okay, not really. Something had to be said about the situation.
Anyway, I’ve missed a lot here on WordPress. Normally, I would check the app a few times every day but my visits have been less frequent in the past month or so. Glad to see Harsh Reality is back up and running and excited to read what’s going on at the other awsome blogs I follow.
Now to get some snuggle time in and maybe sneak in some writing before bed. Good night!


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