Pandora: Chronicle 04 – Flaws

Pandora thinks about the flaws of the human race.

The SRT Archives

In mythology, Zeus created several races of man. The Gold Race had virtue and no ideas of committing sin. The Elders would consider our people the epitome of this race. Immortals with a seemingly eternal life able to alter the world and its inhabitants. The second race- the Silver Race – lacked the same virtue, disregarded the ideals of the Gold Race, and were doomed to the Underworld.

The human race sits at a lower place in the hierarchy. After the Silver Race, Zeus created the Bronze, the Heroes, and then the Iron Race- the world as it exists. A race defined by people filled with greed who never seem satisfied with their lives. Interesting how a tale, out dating myself and a few generations before me, understood the true nature of humans.

Despite knowing the flaws of this race, I chose my mission of blending in with the human…

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