Agent Andersen: Log 06 – Understanding

Joslyn confronts Rebecca about the past and Target Alpha.

The SRT Archives

Joslyn sits on the floor in the Archives, her back against the section reserved for the memories recorded by myself and the agents. She has the log book that started it all on the floor in front of her. Her eyes remain fixed on the pages but she appears as if in a trance.

“Sorry I’m late.”

Joslyn keeps her focus on the book. “Is this your big secret? We need special clearance to come into the library because it hides away the fact you were involved with the woman that started this all- a woman we’re supposed to be hunting-”

Hunting was a terrible word to use. “Searching for. We are searching for Target Alpha and those like her to prevent an attack on our race.”

She releases a bitter laugh. “Oh, that’s the goal? If you were so concerned about preventing this attack, you wouldn’t have let her…

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