C.E. Andersen: Blog – Intruder

In her mother’s absence, Chelsea attempts to stop an intruder.

The SRT Archives

When Mom thought I was asleep, she snuck out. Where she went, I don’t know. She still won’t tell me what her new job is or why she spends so much time away from home.

Maybe she’s torturing people. Maybe she’s sending a team to pick me up.

Should I run? Should I fight?

A door opens. Maybe it was just a late-night run to the store.

I go to the door and listen through it. I hear footsteps at the bottom of the stairs. Not the same as Mom’s. She would have said something by now.

An intruder.

I keep a baseball bat under the bed. The knob turns slowly.

The door opens.

The intruder steps in and I jump. I swing.

She ducks. “Stop, it’s me!”

That voice.

When the light comes on, Naomi stands in the doorway.

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