National Coming Out Day

A little late to posting this. Today is an important day, even with so much changing for the better for the LGBQTI community. My coming out story is not a great one and came at a really crazy time in my life. But it happened and about five years later, it isn’t a decision I regret. For most of my life, I felt like I was someone else. I never felt like I belonged and I feared embracing my true feelings.

What I expected (which was worst-case scenario) was not case and I was fortunate. Some are alienated by their families, friends, communities, or worse. And I hope one day that things aren’t this way, that sexual orientation is just a piece of who we are and not a defining factor of whether someone will hire us, support us, or care about us.

Choose to love and understand. And if you don’t understand, try to or at least choose not to hate.


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