My Story

A friend of mine has a self-recovery blog over at Tumblr. She recently decided to join WordPress and her blog is up and running. Give it a read and please, no trolls- just love and support.

Lillian Lives

In hindsight, I’ve probably always had something wrong with my brain. Test-taking and social obligations made me sick to my stomach. My entire educational experience from 7th grade onward was shrouded in a deep sadness often detailed by melodramatic poetry. As the years went by, I lost a little more of myself each and every day. I began to fill the void inside myself with self-harm, substance abuse, petty theft, and other irrational decisions just to feel. I was bad ass.

(No, not really. Don’t take that sentence seriously. It’s a joke made at someone else’s expense. In all actuality, it’s a miracle that I never got in any legal trouble.)

I don’t remember the exact moment I realized something needed to change, but the point is that I did eventually understand that I was ruining my life. Maybe it was when I talked too much online and had a…

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