Off Tonight

Go back to work tomorrow night and deal with whatever new drama is brewing. When people old enough to be your parent are acting like children, something isn’t right. I had to tell a woman in her 50s or 60s that she needed to apologize to a younger coworker for yelling at him twice in front of the other associates and customers. Over what?

Stupid shit.

Not even worth the typing. This is definitely going into that fictional-based on real life novel I will one day write about the retail world. Some people should not work there- some people ahould not be supervisors or managers either but what can you do? I am not in a high enough position to make hiring/firing decisions or there’s a good handful of people that would probably not be there anymore.

Look, I’m a 26-year-old supervisor who was promoted within two years of working for the company. I was obviously doing something right. Some of these people still can’t become supervisors (most of which shouldn’t anyway). I really hate it when I have to get strict with people but whatever. My paycheck and my family are important and I don’t try to be friends with co-workers anymore because it’s too much drama.

My almost 2-year-old should be the only one I need to endure tantrums from- just saying.

I need to do some writing- not homework writing. And relax. Hopefully I get that job at the other store.

Fingers crossed, right?


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